About 1400 of Guru Season Pass abusers founded with Dune analitycs

Hi, guys. I want to say sorry for my english in advance.
I have some experience of creating Dune reports. So I decided to use it to find some of Dex Guru Season Pass NFT abusers.

That’s how I did it:

At first my idea was: Lot of abusers make initial funding of their abusive wallets from a same single wallet.
So I decided to make a query analysing all Guru Season Pass minters, find wallets they was initially funded from, group them by this initial funder and sort by number of nft they mint from this initial funder.
When I did this I found that many of minters of this report was initially funded from CEXes wallets. I expected that. I was trying to filter them out manually. But found a better way lately: using a tabel of CEX wallets labels made by Dune users (one address with more than 250k total transactions was not in it, so I add it to filter manually, cuz it is some service obiously).
This way I got a really nice report. A list of abuser wallets who initially funded other wallets to mint Guru Season Pass NFT with number of NFTs they abusively mint. I joined it with an original NFT mintings datatable to create a list of this abusively minted NFTs
Here it is. (original Dune query): Dune There are about 1550 abusive mints over there.
On top of this list there is a guy who abused 198 Guru NFTs (initially funded them all from a single address 0x271d8e39108990e89de0aef49275a194269b58c5). Other guys abused from 30 to 50 NFTs. But a ton of guys are also abused a lower amount of NFTs as well.

Many of those NFTs was transfered (sold on OpenSea or transfered to hide from DexGuru detectives) lately. So I made a list of current Guru Season Pass owners and joined it with this list of abusive minters I made on previous step.
Here it is Dune
There are about 1275 Guru NFTs are still held by those guys who abusivly mint them.

I was checking this list manually on etherscan. I also checked some addresses who abusively minted less than 10 NFTs per wallet. Then I found that some guys was working with this scheme: they minted from 7 to 10 NFTs from one initial funder wallet, but also used those funded wallets to fund another 7 to 10 wallets.
I was looking for a simple way to find those (wallets funding loop) abusers. And I found that there is an easy way to do this: they all minting a Guru NFT on address they used to fund other abusive wallets.
So I made this request which one is looking for minters who initially funded a banch (5 or more of other abusive funders wallets): Dune
There are about 300 of them.
And 224 of them still holds Guru Season Pass NFT atm: Dune
Most of them was found in my main abusers query I made before. But some other guys, who minted less then 10 NFTs on each funders wallet, and hided from main query cuz of using this funding loop scheme, was founded. Not much. Just about an extra 40 abused NFTs was found this way. I filtered them manually by using google spreadsheet (link will be in the end of this post).

In the end I also made a request to find NFTs that are held by those abusive wallets funders accounts: Dune
There are an extra 76 abused NFTs still being held by them.

I took all this data from Dune queries and put it in Google Spreadsheet (it is much easier to view it there). I filtered out some dublicates from it manually as well. Dexguru abusers - Google Tabellen

What we have in the end:

  • 1266 abused NFTs which was minted by addresses initially funded 9+ different Guru NFT minter wallets (Dexguru abusers - Google Tabellen)
  • 40 abused NFTs who was funded by using a loop of fundings (each funder sent funds to mint from 5 to 8 NFTs) (Dexguru abusers - Google Tabellen)
  • extra 76 abused NFTs are held by initial funders wallets of abusers
    Total abused NFTs found: 1382

I think we have an ongoing discussion on airdrop farmers in this thread


First of all thanks for all you do, although it is not the official list but I can speculate a bit about the official list later. Appreciate your support for the project

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Good job.I appreciate your professional work. Looking forward to the official list of deserving people.

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How did i get on this list ? I’m telling you as the miner on Ethermine pool . You can’t say every miner is abuser.
Pls double check you list .
Btw my address is 0x5e15b3E4EB0bA67928f0A907542236841C22bF8e
P.S I do have only 1 wallet.

nice suggestion tony, we should exclude transfer from the contract. hope nickv can edit this to make perfect analysis

The biggest abusers are those who set selection criteria as they see fit when it is very complicated than it seems to be, they think they are smart and covered all aspects that target only drop hunters but the reality is none other than they are on the same level as the hunters and there is only selfishness in it, “Which one of the hunters will have more GURU tokens”.

I got angry because quite simply I find my address and other innocent user’s addresses with those whom you qualify as “abusers” and after which I investigated to find out the cause and it turned out that I received a transfer from an “abuser”

it’s unfair what you are doing, if the user “Tony_Montana” hadn’t checked his address and you did force him to make “his address” public in the forum to proove that he’s not an abuser “which I wouldn’t do” he would have been considered as an abuser and you will be happy to share his tokens at the end, disqualify a real innocent user with bogus criteria isn’t an abuse !?

it was a pleasure for this short experience with DAO community.

You right.
Wallets that was initially funded from Ethermine was in this list.
I excluded them. You can check fixed version.
There are 4 wallets excluded with this fix.

First of all. This is an automatically made report. Guru Team says that all wallets will be checked manually before marking them as abusers. I just give them an advise which addresses should be checked very carefully. Most of them are 100% abusers.

If your wallet have been initially funded from a wallet who funded 10 other wallets and all of them minted Guru NFT isn’t it looks like abuse?
If your wallet is funded from an address who initially funded 500+ accounts. And 10 of them minted Guru NFT. Then it isn’t a Guru abuse wallet, I think. But it can be figured out with manually check.

Or I can also add an extra request, calculating number of initial fundings that was made by every abusing suspect. And if number of Guru mints on funded wallets to total inital fundings made by this address is bigger then X (25% for example) then we can mark this account (and all wallets he funded) as an abuser. Will it be correct? I think, I can make this.

btw i dont see any wallet that funding from multisender or diperse, can you import their contract and make them into one excel so we can check manually one by one. i don’t see any off address on Updated evidence of airdrop farming which detected with multisender have found on your list

Can you please show where and when Guru Team said something like this?

Thank you for your investigation, that is an amazing job. Would you like to create a proposal based on that? I think it can bring more attention to the post and help the community to move forward with the airdrop farmers problem. Also I think it would be great to combine your and Rotate’s findings to create a single proposal

Hey ,Let me to tell the fact of me… I am a cryptocurrency KOL, because I often do some youtube videos and some articles, because of that, I have a group of friends who want to join the cryptocurrency, and then I established a few communities, about About 2K people, of course some of them are not so proficient in using these on-chain tools and some cex. So I often help them and lead them to use some more useful tools, such as slingshot, uniswap, sushiswap and dexguru. At the same time, because they don’t know how to use cex, many times they need gas fee and can’t buy it directly, so they will buy a certain amount of gas with me through OTC to complete the transaction for them.Just like this dexguru season pass NFT, because they followed me to use dexguru and gave tips. So they are also eligible for NFT mint, so this time they bought a little eth as gas fee from me, to mint dexguru nft, because they want to try what the real dao is like. So I helped them, but two of my own addresses were marked as AirDrop farmers. I don’t think it’s prudent, I participate every snapshot, and I also remind my friends to participate in time, I’m serious Tell them how to operate, how to execute, and how to use dexguru, but I did something bad with good intentions, and I was included in the airdrop hunter list, and these friends were also hit by this wrong list for the first time.
So I think this list needs to be further investigated, or provide an opportunity to appeal, and I can provide a lot of evidence to prove that what I said is true.
Thank you for your efforts, but I hope not to be so arbitrary, but to think of more possible scenarios that could cause your investigation to be misleadingly data.
thank you for your effort.
and hope you take more consideration for that.

Cool story.
So you have some friends in crypto. You fund their wallets. Ask them to do swaps on dex guru and pay some tips. They did it all.
It feels like abuse? It is made not by a single man but by “group” of people related to some youtube guy, maybe. But it is still a little abusive. No?
Idk. Maybe wer can make a proposal to create a list of potential abusers. Publish it. And give some time to fair users that was added to this list by mistake to provide some evidence of their fairness.
Then we can organize people to manually investigate all those “mistakenly added” users. And exclude some of them.
Then we can give some extra DAO votes to this team who made this manual investigation.

Somethink like that.

I am working right now with Hop Protocol’s sybil attackers investigation. They have a very nice idea of finding sybil attackers by community (giving 25% of founded sybil attackers rewards to a man, who found them). It is nice idea. Maybe we can use something like this.