About the Temperature Checks category

Make temperature checks for how GuruDao should operate or discuss existing ones before they go up for formal proposals.

Make sure you read this guide first to understand our governance process:

Any community member can bring up a GuruDAO-related idea, problem, or proposal to the community for discussion. If they believe that a DAO consensus on this idea is required, the proposer will initiate the discussion. It’s up to the proposer to get the momentum going.

In the case of active discussion, the proposer or active member can move the idea to the temperature check stage. A temperature check is a free form poll on discord or discourse that helps understand what the community feels about the initiative.

For the community’s convenience, the body of the poll should include:

  • A description

  • Key proposal features

  • Short discussion recap

A temperature check should be launched in a form of a Yes/No question, contain actionable items or draft proposal to effectively measure community consensus. It could be done with

  • Discord emoji voting, or

  • Discourse poll on temperature check section