Cleaning DAO of bots

do you agree with removing all members wallet who they voted on snapshot no 14,662,174 ( [Proposal] What option will bots prefer), from possible airdrop?


There is another temperature check on the same matter:

Do you want to combine it into one? Unless yours is seeking consensus on something different.

I was the party of the first trap vote, because my native language is not English, I translated the text through a translation robot. After reading it carefully, I chose to abstain from voting. I think if it is really a robot, it will only vote YES or NO. Instead of abstaining, if you think this method works, then you can open a few more trap votes, list the people who voted in the multiple trap votes, and exclude them. If you don’t think it’s necessary, then I don’t explain,


hello i have some concerns for those who are not voting on the bot trap votes, how will this effect someones eligibility for meeting the 50% or 75% requirements will they be punished lets say if not voting on these will leads them to missing the cut off? how can this be avoided or maybe those votes dont go towards the airdrop percentage requiremnt ? I dont believe ive seen anyone bring this up just yet but im sure one or two missing votes could mess someone up big time. any thoughts?

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