Conformity bias

Just saw in another DAO, that they tried to avoid conformity bias/herd behavior when voting. Would it be possible/desirable not to see the snapshot vote result when voting. The result would be only showed after the vote is closed. Do not know if snapshot offers that but it could be suggested to them. For example in Switzerland where I come from, we do have a lot of voting on any topics related to public affairs but I never saw results like 98% yes. I think those kind of results are based on conformity bias/herd behavior.


What tooling do they use for voting? This idea has merits and makes sense in general, but I don’t think that Snapshot support something like that.

They did not do it on chain, but used on chain data through matrica on solana and the vote was on discord. It might be possible get it through a feature request in snapshot.

It might be a general block chain voting problem that the process during voting is already public. So might not that easy be solved …