Create a team of volunteers to serve GURU

Create a team of volunteers to serve GURU:

  1. I am willing to be the first to sign up and be responsible for related matters.
  2. GURU gives volunteer status
  3. GURU provides training, work arrangement and assessment for volunteers.

This is a good idea, there are no mods in the community at the moment, just NICK and SNARKSCOUT managing the community, they are working hard, if there were volunteers to help the community, it would be a relief for them. Especially in the Chinese area, there are a lot of people, and the English is not good, if there are Chinese volunteers to answer some questions for them is also very good.


The DISCORD channel has a channel for volunteers, and interested friends can go there to consult and sign up.


A steady stream of users willing to become GURU volunteers shows the success of GURU from the side. Therefore, GURU must continue to show his charm to obtain the sincerity of users

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The driving force of DAO is incentive governance, which is a very important indicator. The project party should also reward volunteers who are willing to serve GURU to form a good process.


I think all DexGuru users who really want to help develop DexGuru will be happy to help, I see a lot of people are only interested in Airdrop, so we users who want to grow with the project let’s join work together to help with the project


Good idea! I will be glad to help Dex Guru as much as I can. The post should be at least 100 characters, but I really have nothing more to say)

Sounds good, but maybe they should be automatically selected based on onchain/offchain activity. Like for instance, a certain threshold of activity would grant you certain access.

yes , there are many things volunteer groups can do to support the region , things that the ambassadors of other projects are still doing

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Very purposeful and go ahead with the plan
This is both attractive and motivates the Dex guru community to do more
I learned a lot from you, thank you to the great Dex guru team
We will be a good teacher in the future with Dex Guru

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