Creating committees in GuruDAO

I propose to create several committees inside GuruDAO, which will be responsible for different kinds of content to accelerate the use and adoption of Dex Guru.
For example, committee for creating all kinds of educational content for Dex Guru use cases, new features etc.
Also we may have a team responsible for spreading international awareness about Dex Guru.
Please share your ideas, which teams may also be useful.
We will have one team lead in each committee, and all contributors will receive points, and after Guru token will be launched - Guru tokens for quality distributions.


In my opinion, these are the Guru’s main team’s job. In reality, such coordination is not possible and only wastes time and energy.

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There will definitely be a governance committee, and various sub bodies should be created, this should be rolled out by the project, I believe, and we vote for it when the time comes.


I wonder if community members have the opportunity to enter the governance committee, should there be a capacity requirement? Want to see related requirements? After the establishment of the DAO, is there a full-time organization like a working group to serve the DAO?


I think this is necessary to deal with issues that require urgent assistance. The incomplete problem of most DAO organizations is the response to urgent problems