Detecting wallet addresses of airdrop farmers and removing them

This proposal introduces a structure for finding airdrop farmers who are define in a previous proposal with title (([PROPOSAL-007] Investigate airdrop farming and exclude large sybil attackers)).

A previous estimate has been revealed that the airdrop farmers control about 2000 accounts and due to DAO decision they must be removed. While finding them are not an easy work and there is not any structure for doing that. Therefore, I recommend below structure.

The definition of airdrop farmers is same as previous proposal that define airdrop farmer as one entity that appears to control at least 10 addresses that minted a Guru Season Pass NFT. This proposal does not have any aim to change definition of airdrop farmer and just introduce a structure to do the previous proposal.
To finding airdrop farmers at first, we will start a new snapshot proposal with below text:
((Are you an airdrop farmer?))
The airdrop farmers have the opportunity to introduce themselves voluntarily and they will get a reward equal to 5% of a normal account. After the snapshot ended, if a DAO member finds an airdrop farmer with enough evidence, the air drop farmer will remove from airdrop permanently and the DAO member who reported the airdrop farmer will get an airdrop with a multiplier of (1+ (Number of wallets belong to airdrop farmer)*0.05) * x.

• DAO member who are not airdrop farmers

• Airdrop farmers


It is a good structure to find airdrop farmers. And if all airdrop farmers introduce themselves they just will get airdrop equal to 40 accounts (2000*2%=40) and I think they are more than 40 real people. The numbers set wisely :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:.


It’s a good idea though I think it’s better to increase these parameters to 10% and (1+ (Number of wallets belong to airdrop farmer)*0.1) * x

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What’s the rationale for increasing incentives for airdrop hunters? I doubt they will be very valuable contributors to DAO.


This is a good way to filter hunters and reward real users. I bet they have enough accounts to receive at least 100% of the amount that a real user receives.

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Thanks dear web_explorer1 for sharing your opinion.
There are about 2000 airdrop farmer accounts (about 17% of all accounts) and with this method their share will be equal to 100 accounts that is under 1%.

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Some amount should be available to possible mistakes, meaning if someone don’t get the drop but later (in a given time period like 1-2 weeks obviously) can prove he is a a real person who interacted with the website, then these people should be able to get it.

And the amount left, lets say we prepare 10 tokens but only 5 are proved, the rest of them, another 5, go to some sore of DAO fund.

This is a good idea. It is a wise decision to let more people participate in the governance of Dao rather than air drop hunters

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It’s a good idea! Wise desicion! It is a good structure to find airdrop farmers. This is a good way to filter hunters and reward real users.

so, it’s good that there is some incentive, but giving that much extra to airdrop hunters is not reasonable. I like the idea with having them identify themselves. there should also be a week or so for appeals if community members get flagged wrongly.

Removing the airdrop hunters is already a useful contribution that will put more voting power into the hands of the real community members. Even if the the sybil reporters don’t make any future contribution to the DAO, their work amplifies the contributions of others due to redistributing the tokens that would have gone to farmers.

The reward amount also has to be sufficient to ensure there is enough incentive for people with the skills to do this analysis come to help our DAO. Right now they could spend their time on Hop sybil hunting for 20% reward for example, and I know other major projects are doing the same soon or in private.

I know this sounds like I’m arguing for myself here but that’s not my intention. I am perfectly happy to limit the rewards per person to a fair amount, or keep historical reports (including mine) at a lower reward rate. But we should give others an opportunity to find farmers and get a fair reward.

Also keep in mind that sybil hunters may come from ourside our DAO. In that case they don’t have an NFT, so no initial incentives to help the DAO. For example, I could invite several of the top hunters from the Hop bounty program, I am in contact with them now. But would it be worth it to them for 5% rewards (i.e. 0.5x normal airdrop for finding a group of 10)?

It is a reasonable assumption that the people who farmed Hop are probably trying the same with Even if we can pick the list of addresses and compare them with our NFT holders, we should be able to identify some farmers.

If we find them, part of the GURU tokens saved can be gifted to the sybil hunters (irrespective of whether they have the NFT or not). That way, they haven’t put in any additional effort, but they still get rewarded as a thank you from our community.

The list is here:

yes that’s nice information that we can see from source but we need to remember the rules

10+ address connected who minted pass nft

We cannot blindly exclude them just because they have a bad history, we need to be fair with all the people on DAO

Please pay attention that HOP token for this issue will lock for a year, though here we do not lock it. It is a big different and I think 5% is fair.


It seems discussion about this proposal has been finished, also it has won an election on discord (temperature check), so why has been not this proposal stablished on snapshot?