Dex Guru Season pass Nft After Bootstrap phase

About the season pass nft.

I don’t think the season pass nft should be useless after this boostrap phase,I think some use cases should be implemented on it like stakings or to access some premium features on Dex.Guru :blue_heart:


#GURU :blue_heart:


Absolutely agree with that. That’s the first drop from GURU project and they have good floor price. We should raise it with some techniques. Any Idea?


Yes it is and I hope it will be implemented and make the nft more RARE than it is ! Now hoping for it.


Also we can make it more rare, for example to get guru airdrop you need to burn season pass nft. Not sure if that possible at this moment. If anyone know this please reply to this message.


Totally agree on this, it could definitely be use for some sort of Sub-governance purpose to drive certain aspect of the protocol.


Yes, I think owning NFT can still vote after the token launched. Maybe it can also get higher APY in staking, etc. This is worth discussing.


we can stake them in best situation
if team agree with us
stake and get guru token instead :heart_eyes:
or we can change it to guru after guru lunch


Yeah I think it should also be used in farming guru token and should be used to access some features on dexguru :slightly_smiling_face:


i agree on this, i came across romedao and they seems to have subgovernance structure for various departments, some of the department even issue their own token or NFT. defintiely something we can explore on


Good suggestion @Tofunmi , here’s my thoughts & experiences with some protocols that have used their NFT in unique ways:

  • NFT holders get certain privileges to community calls with core team on discord (e.g. Pods finance is doing this)
  • NFT holders get to stake on dex guru which gives them access to extra features (e.g. deeper insights on DYOR / Token profile, able to view labeled wallet addresses, limit orders when using dex guru swap, etc.) (Babylon Finance, Friktion finance are doing these)
  • Trading competition: NFT holders grouped according to their NFT (i.e. science, nature, rainbow, floating, etc.) & compete as a group against the rest in terms of trading profits, volume. Perhaps $GURU tokens awarded proportionately to each group in terms of profits and/or volume traded.

Just my 2 cents to get the ball rollin, & list is not exhaustive. Am sure the rest of guru’s community are raving with better ideas!


really like the 3rd point, could expand to even having trading fees discount by holding the NFT on top of trading “competition”


Hey, what do you think about staking nft to get some kind of rewards? That might give big value to them :heart_eyes:


Stake nft to get rewards from pool over time or burn it to get rewards for participating in dao activities. That would be great and rare!

And holders might mint new nft collection. :smiley_cat:


I think it’s good for bootstrap phase for now. The focus should be on the token rather than the NFT, since Dex.Guru doesn’t really help trading NFT at the moment.


Obviously, most people don’t want NFT to work in the pre-DAO phase, and NEITHER do I. I also hope that NFT can be energized again, as to give what kind of functions, I see a lot of friends have a very good professional advice, but from my personal, I hope this piece of NFT eventually can be regarded as a kind of honor, I will because there is such a NFT produces a sense of pride and a sense of achievement, it represents from start to now I have been in the company, Has been recognized as the embodiment of value. Hopefully it will be like APE,COOLCAT.


in my opinion these NFTs are a sign of loyalty and as a early user sign maybe for next rewards an enterance to some events like trading contests


I brought the second one up last week in the discord discussion and I think it’s the better one two go with,
I just wanna add up one thing and it’s the concept of cooldown time, after a specific amount of time the NFT should be unusable for a period of time, this makes people buy more NFTs to put in rotations.
or we can make it like one NFT for one feature lifetime unlock, if you want to use 2 premium features at the same time then you have to buy 2 NFTs.
Have in mind that NFTs are limited at supply so those features should also be available for $GURU stakers but at a higher price.


in totall thay arent useless thay will change to guru token but for after that dao will decide for more utilty


I do believe this NFT should be considered as a sign of early support and believe in project. I would love to keep it and use for more activities within Guru, the more activities the better, I like active participation not only holding the NFTs


Yeah man good idea. I’ve minted the first ( ID 01) so hope it has some value at the future haha great initiative