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Firstly sorry guys my Discord is Ivan62#7522 and I somehow can’t login here via Discord it says invalid email so I made a new account.

There are some people who participated on the forum and Discord and voted on prop 7 by mistake. So now according to prop 12, they are excluded from further participating in DAO. Actually I voted abstain I thought it is the same as not voting.

I think this is inconsistent and DAO should remain those people who voted for prop 7 but provided their liveliness. There are not that many people like me. We are not bots or sybil attacker, we are just simple humans or seafood (lol).

What you think guys?


I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve with this temperature check, but community discussed this a few times already. You can revisit the discussion here:

and here:

And now 6k votes already on snapshot, so we have a quorum. The majority don’t want to deal with those who can’t read and don’t care if it was negligence/mistake/ or bots.


Please note that Proposal-010 is talking about exclusion users from possible airdrop. Not from participating in DAO Bootstrap phase.


Yes, there was an information about 10 votes, and if you vote 7 of them you will have a drop. I bought NFT after 3 votes, and was afraid, that will not have a chance to make 7/10, so I voted all of votes.

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You should read first, mate. That’s one of the prerequisite of the possible airdrop. As Nick stated, proposal is in voting prosess and will pass with vast majority of “yes” vote.

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