[Draft Proposal] Exclusion from possible airdrop of those who Dont read the text of Proposals and not only the users made a one time mistake


The proposal suggests excluding from the list of recipients of a possible future Airdrop all addresses that took part in both of bot detection votes on the snapshot.
It means if you accidentally take part in one of them you will be still in the DAO .
Initial post (Exclusion from possible airdrop of those who don’t read the text of the proposal - Temperature Checks - GuruDAO Governance Forum (dex. guru) 19)


On 04/26/2022 and 05/05/2022 there were published proposals What option will bots prefer? (1 15, 2 10) that were aimed to detect bots in the governance process. The proposals collected 441 and 141 votes despite the description “If you are a human, please do not vote on this.”. We have a reasonable opinion that who attend in both of this snapshots , their votes were cast by bots.
Otherwise its logical that users that had read the text of proposal once in discord #temperature-check and once again here in the froum going and sign the snapshots without reading the context.


Exclude from the list of recipients of a possible future Airdrop ALL addresses that took part in both of (bot of the seventh 15 and eleventh 10 ) votes on the snapshot (What option will bots prefer?).
This way we save people who were just accidentally sign one of the snapshots and its more fair and loyal.
Those people who took part in both of vote showed by their actions that they do not read the text for which they vote, or at least they are not familiar with the accepted governance process. Such people do more harm to the DAO than good. DAO doesn’t need members who just mindlessly push buttons.


  • The proposal suggests a straightforward process to identify and exclude bot accounts from the possible future airdrop.
  • There is no cons this way , cause we really going to remove all users who are not useful for the DAO but not being careful or not really care about proposals.

this is right approach and we not punish who make one single mistake. i think it’s good praposal. we definitely give one chance for mistaken vote on seventh praposal.


I think it’s enough for them that they just get any reward half of the other.
But also it is a good idea to removing all who did not read and replace new dao members


I believe it could be anything instead letting them go only for one mistake,
I am looking for some kind of respect and loyalty to the users.


I totally agree with you / The goal is to remove the bots, not the real users / Whoever disagrees means that he only thinks of deleting users