DRAFT PROPOSAL Remove airdrop farmers (sybil attackers)

DRAFT PROPOSAL Remove airdrop farmers (sybil attackers)
Evidence that many refer to
They have a Guru Season Pass and no transactions at all in the Atrium network, remove AirDrop Farmers. This can be very catastrophic for Dao.
Establish an Atrium chain removal committee for AirDrop farmers.

I have corrected the flaws of the previous proposal so that together we can stop Airdrop farmers and eliminate them.
In recent offers and even previous proposals (rotate.eth)
Many were dissatisfied with it. Why?
Because people are afraid to FILTER themselves, who are real users, with AirDrop farmers…
If you check the chain data on Atrium’s main network, only AirDrop farmers will be deleted.

Some addresses have 0 transactions on the main Atrium network, which means they have neither minted NFT nor bought it. (These people are 100% Airdrop farmers)

Or they have two transactions. This is very suspicious and it is possible that the user is a real user or an AirDrop farmer.
How do we know if she is a real user or an AirDrop farmer?
1-Guru Season Pass NFT minted
Transfer to an exchange account
(It is clear that this option did not continue the chain and only returned the amount of atrium to the exchange account,And is a real user.)

2-Guru Season Pass NFT minted
And sends the remaining amount of atrium to another wallet account and mints the Guru Season Pass NFT and this chain data continues … for example: https://etherscan.io/address/0x05ade3f76d0c5c257fa516a942cb0d7089c9a3d8

And many of the addresses that transact on Atrium 1’s main network are real users(For example: received the following address only from Atrium Exchange and minted in Guru Season Pass NFT)
for example: The address I put is the real user: https://etherscan.io/address/0x8b16b312e704254724027d9fd96b4fe1d5c8dfb6

Finally, I do not think we should use bsc scan and polygonscan chains. Why?
Many real users are thus filtered out of potential airdrop.
for example:The user may use bridges other than this platform, which if we use bsc and polygon as the criterion of the chain, the real users will be easily removed, and this is unfair.

*And only we can use etherscan as a criterion for eliminating airdrop farmers


For the dao to thrive, we need to minimize and reduce airdrop farmers
Finally, using criteria such as: number of transactions and checking chains other than etherscan will eliminate real users
In my opinion, and the users I consulted, a significant percentage agree with this proposal

Technical Specifications:

We just want to keep the real users and eliminate the AirDrop farmers as much as possible


Eliminate unfair farming operations that may control or damage the DAO.
All real users receive more tokens.