[DRAFT PROPOSAL] Token Allocation Model


Guru token will be launched in future to govern GuruDAO. Deciding the right token allocations for a project is crucial, while also being one of the most difficult things to do. This proposal is proposed In order to keep our preDAO members with us, prevent market dumps and fill the treasury for the upcoming DAO goals.



A Token Model is the economy of tokens in the ecosystem of a blockchain project. It goes into detail on the purpose of the token and utility of the token (when and how it will be used, and who will use it), token allocation is a crucial part of the tokenomics, It’s vital to choose token allocation not to disrupt the functionality of the GuruDAO. Bad token allocation could bring whale’s attention to the system or result in huge market price dumps.


Total supply is 100,000,000 tokens.

DAO can decide on how to distribute 60% of the Total supply, Therefore the proposed allocations from The total supply are:

pie-chart (2)

  • 12% for early contributor incentives in form of airdrop: 8% unlocked and available to claim at TGE - 4% veGuru, locked for 2 years

  • 14% for sales on LBP

  • 10% incentives for LBP buyers - claimable in form of veGuru locked tokens right after the sell ends – locked for 2 years

  • 24% goes straight to DAO Treasury

This proposal only decisions upon token allocation. Upon approval by the DAO, This allocations will be implemented in the final tokenomics.


  • A fair allocation is considered for early contributors respectfully.

  • Locked tokens prevent huge market dumps from both LBP buyers and airdrop receivers.

  • vote-escrowed tokens are locked for 2 years, so all the wallets eligible for the airdrop have almost the same voting power at the start, If they want more vote power they have to lock the other part of airdrop too, this removes a huge part of airdrop from circulating supply, This also applies to LBP buyers.

  • A great portion of tokens sold on LBP results in huge fund raisings for treasury.

  • Incentives for LBP buyers results on high demands for the token sale.


  • Huge amount of tokens might end up in whale’s hands after the LBP but we need their funds to grow anyways.

its completely fair. We will never accept that Air Drop share is between 1 and 5%. This was not fair. But this proposal is excellent. All percentages are reasonable. Dao will definitely defend justice. This is in everyone’s interest.


It seems like a descent allocation model. 12% incentives works. I dont see any downside to it,well proposed, good job :grinning:


40% to team and VC, 10% to Incetivised? Really? Maybe change some of this proportions?
What is this DAO where team and VC holds most part of all tokens (24% are in Treasury and we can exclude it). Are you gonna make it decentralised or just want to sell as much as possible and forget about it?


In my opinion, an appropriate and acceptable share has been considered for each section. Considering the ratio between the initial drop and the LBP, it can be said that there will be almost no problems with the initial release and the next stages of the project. also can work on it more if needed.


We have no sayings in the 40% as it’s already been discussed and promised to the VCs by the team way before they go on and choose to start a DAO, it’s clearly stated here:


It sounds great, i think one of the most important ways to promote the token in the market is amounts of air drop, we can ‘trend’ the dexguru and token with big airdrop like what “DYDX” did.


Percentages are looking fair enough but how will be the 2 years locked tokens distributed?! Linear every week?! Every month?! Or all of them will be unlocked after 2 years?!


They are very few, it can be a very big airdrop, but … they think they are charities but the team and the platform make the most profit


thank for prop. it is so fair than 1 to 5% for airdrop… 1 to 5% was so joke for DAO. this one is so good i think. DAO need to have fair share.


Team and VCs holds as much tokens that they can vote for anything they want by themself. I think It is not a DAO (not decentralised).
10% Incentivised is very low. People will be selling their tokens as soon as possible instead of using it for DAO (with no motivation to lock and cuz every decision can be made by team+vc mostly).


It is quite fair and I think everyone is satisfied 12%
It is fairer than 5% and both the team and guru dao are satisfied :handshake:


I can see the point you’re making here and your worries yet team and VCs tokens are locked for a fair amount of time. If you can come up with a better incentives plan, please draft a proposal for us. Thank you


I don’t think that 40%+24%(Treasury) control could be considered as a DAO. It’s not an issue - team made an incredible job and should be rewarded. But be honest - it is not Decentralised.
I fully support the fact that the team controls most of the decisions, otherwise it couldn’t work normally. Also like locks and vestings.


This in turn is a very good plan, but why not deduct any percentage of tokens for Dex Guru marketing and advertising?


More incentives are needed for LBP buyers
Because they take a lot of risk that the price will not be dumped after AirDrop


How to distribute the buyers’ prize in the LBP phase is ambiguous and the we expected author be careful about detail

  1. BLP or LBP?
  2. Who are the early contributors? Is the definition already set?
  3. Can 14% and 10% for LBP be more explained?



1- There was a typo, thank you
2- yes the proposal will mostly likely be published later today on the snapshot, it’s already uploaded in the forums.
3- Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool is a means of raising funds for our treasury, we have to sell enough tokens to raise funs but not to much to let the price dump


I think this one is better. It allocates 3% more to regular DAO members who are the main reason for the project to go forward. And at the same time it locks up some of the airdrop which is brilliant and prevents the selling pressure by some airdrop hunters.