[DRAFT PROPOSAL] Token Allocation Model

20% to 30% of the amount of LBP is too much, and it is not conducive to stabilizing the price of GURU, although the DAO treasury can receive some funds in the short term, which can be used for sustainable development projects. However, considering all the many LBP projects, the follow-up development is going downhill. Since GURU is going to take an unusual path, should he avoid such detours? Considering the needs of the national treasury, is it possible to add a fee mechanism in GURU, charge a little fee each time, and accumulate it for project development.

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To everyone spending their time to read and send a reply here, thank you!
However we could use some specific details in your suggestions if you’re overall against the proposed allocations. We have to figure this out together.


i like this proposal . but you don’t think 14% for lbp to high ? 12% for ldp and 10 airdrop better i think

This is good. Nope this is just a draft, nothing set in the stone yet. As I said we need to raise funds and we need to sell tokens for it. if we want to release a 8% airdrop we need to sell enough tokens to raise the fund.
LBP is the best approach for it since you’re selling the unlocked tokens, it determines the market price and sold in that price