Eligibility for an airdrop change

There was a proposal on Snapshot 5 days ago named: Eligibility for an airdrop

There is a paragraph claiming:

Snapshot for voting activities will be taken on the TGE or After successfully finishing 10 proposals on Snapshot platform ( Whichever happens first )

I am proposing to cancel this exact paragraph concerning the snapshot after 10 proposals.
Let’s keep only

Snapshot for voting activities will be taken on the TGE

I think it is a fair approach to new users who want to join the DAO
In this case, we will decide who was active and eligible when the TGE happens. 10 proposals are too few. DAO members who will abandon the project after 10 proposals will also receive and airdrop, and those who will make lots of efforts and vote in every proposal after the first 10 of them will recieve nothing.


This is PreDAO phase which should end soon. Anyone who wants to join DAO can buy guru tokens upon launch and join the DAO.
After this proposal gets passed, new users are likely buying the NFT for free tokens, and not to join the DAO. If they really want to join DAO, they’ll buy guru upon launch

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There are ways to join Dao, and more users are welcome to join. The acquisition of airdrop qualification is naturally required in terms of time

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Totally agree
For now that’s more like: be first and get an airdrop
It should be: be active and get and airdrop
We should make snapshot after more than 10 votings. And it’s really fair to make it exactly on the TGE (whenever it happens)

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I think it’s important to keep in mind that the eligibility proposal DAO ratified is talked about core eligility criteria for possible airdrop.

$GURU token will be launched in future to govern GuruDAO.The goal of the proposal is to define core criteria for a possible airdrop. In order to prevent spamming in govarnance channels in forum and discord, and as an appreciation to early contributors, an eligibility system for airdrop is designed regarding the values in the manifesto.

I’d not bet that we will see airdrop at all and even if we see it that this would be the final decision on eligibility.

I don’t think the snapshot rules that have been submitted for discussion should be revised. This will make community members feel that changes are made in the near future, which will greatly damage the trust of the community. I personally do not agree with this statement.


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