Finalized airdrop list

This proposal basically want to finalized list of the airdrop. We need to make the airdrop its efficient and not going to long discussion again so we can move on to talking about LBP, TGE, and other important things. And i know some people think the Sybil issue looks like we need to take care time more, but looks like its its not (i explain on the process )

After discussing a lot about airdrop:

I think its an enough talking about airdrop stuff, its the time to ending up the conversation until token launch. so after this proposal passed admin has the power to removed airdrop discussion on discord.


  • Eligibility of airdrop
    before token launch, team take notes how many addresses which is holding a NFT and voted more than 50%
  • Banned bot voting
    Still waiting for voting finished (i will edit after snapshot passed)
  • Remove sybil address
    After take notes who is eligible for airdrop, the team will ban the Sybil with qualification 10+ connected address who minted guru pass nft and new buyer from opensea can still eligible
    instead of launching community hunting for a Sybil address that takes a lot of time, the team can use the recent proposal from our community to make the process efficient
    this Updated evidence of airdrop farming
    and this About 1400 of Guru Season Pass abusers founded with Dune analitycs


  • The 2 proposals about sybil I think already tell us anything so we don’t need more long time to launch community hunting that i believe the most address they found already got found from recent proposal, shout out to rotate and nickv for doing a great job. And because we not doing hunting bounty, that’s mean all the token from sybil are going to distributed fairly to all eligible address.
  • Banned bot voting basically just excludes the address who voted bot snapshot, but we need to wait snapshot result.
  • All the members should not talk about airdrop again, the admin will remove instantly all airdrop discussions.


  • This will help DAO to make efficient time so we can more focus on another important thing
  • Create a healthy discussion in the future


  • Airdrop farmers maybe complain about this

this is good practices we think apart from airdrop because some thing is very important then airdrop eligibilty at list we close this chapter and think about important topics like LBP, TGE and many more.


I think it’s time to stop calling it a “possible airdrop” when it’s obvious there will be an airdrop hahah. On the other hand I realize that I try to be a good Dao member, I vote whenever I can, I read everything, and yet I feel like I will miss part of that airdrop for some reason

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It has been more than two months since the start of mint project NFT. During this period, the community has discussed and voted on some details of airdrop and some parameters of LBP for many times, and has reached some consensus. It’s time to end these lengthy processes. It is time to introduce a clear airdrop plan and ideas, so that community members will no longer be entangled in airdrop matters, and have more time and energy to help promote our guru project.


what happens to those who bought nft recently and unable to reach the threshold of 50% voting mark? and i still believe we should have an investigation of people voted in bots are there are many real users.


I think we have already tried to cut down airdrop talks with Proposal-006. I bet people will be talking about eligibility and fairness until airdrop happens.


I could live with 50% from the time when a person joined and was eligible to vote.

I joined only a fews days ago and can’t vote on the latest proposal because my pass wasn’t included in the snapshot yet for that vote.

If you do the math on your proposal a ton of people will probably fall out of the boat that have a genuine interest in helping to form this DAO.

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This has happened many times since AirDrop was debated Welcome to People like to argue, I do not know why it should be argued that the team has rules and should be respected

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I hope Dex Guru team makes the best decision in this market situation because staying stable and growing in the market is more important than anything.


This is a good proposal, everything clean and understanding. I respect this idea. Hope everybody will be satisfied

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I still think we could give a second chance to the people who accidentally sign the first bot detection voting on snapshot.

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Whats with the sudden ghost town in here and all activity just stopped? pretty confused am i missing something im not in their discord but how come their hasnt been any more proposals either on here or snapshot?

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On the issue of banned bots I think those who mistakenly voted in one proposal should not be excluded from the possible airdrop

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why they clearly dont read the proposals or they dont speak or read english which is unfortunate but they arent useful for the dao


Discord is a ghost town too. There’s gonna be a delay in launch of the DAO (which is synonymous with launch of GURU token) due to market conditions.
I guess people are focusing on something else