Give a permission to the team for filtering bots

We all know that 2 recent proposals which is filtering system have a lot controversial but in another way we should filtering them to distributed token on real user.


According to rotate.eth proposal that found over 4k address that suspect farmer airdrop. Imagine that have a lot 4k discord account and vote no in any filtering proposal. So there is no way to eliminate them from temperature check.
By the way team already do what they should do on the last snapshot, in this snapshot we already see a lot of bots voting the snapshot and literally suicide them. The result is good, this already shows us the team is doing what they think is good for filtering bots, and we need more team moves like this.

are will be good ways if the team decides a couple of ways to filter the bot. so we are as member give it team permission to do whatever they want. After that launch on snapshot immediately to vote which one is better, so there is a no or yes choice. the choice is which one is better to do filtering.

team decide a couple choice on snapshot
a) have a minimum 2 transactions on Ethereum
b) have a minimum 20 across all transaction
c) … another option
d) … another option

we can vote one, the most voted will be the filtering system that we are used to exclude airdrop farmer.

This proposal will be distributed to real users
make the dao run more smoothly because it eliminates the farmer

I know this proposal maybe end up like 2 other proposal that do not pass the temperature check because they are will vote no :melting_face:


It’s up to DAO, not the team to decide what to do with bots. As for the latest bot trap poll on the snapshot, I think we should open discussion and temp-check to see what our community wants to do. Or we can just include this into the existing “investigate sybil attackers” proposal that gained a lot of traction already.


Yes… I think it’s a good Idea… from the last snapshot vote you can use that for investigation… it means the major hunters voted for bots… those addresses can be used for team’s investigation…

I agree with the team helping us filter bots, but please don’t put the number of transactions on the Ethereum network as a criterion, for many people, trading on Ethereum is a luxury, so we have other blockchains to grow. After we have a list of suspects, DAO will vote on what to do with them.


It’s total fair that we should fight against airdrop hunters but there are some people(genuine) like me who has voted in the proposal by mistake.I would request DAO to instead of treating all the voters as airdrop hunters, investigate every single wallet who has voted and then make a call.

People who have been the part of the project should not suffer just because of a single vote.


But unfortunately I was one of the voters by mistake
I voted wrong
This was not a good standard. Those who have used a translator like me may make a mistake
I even have brightid or ens
Which proves I’m not a bot


Before voting, I must read the content carefully, consider carefully before making a decision. The content is too clear, if you are a person, do not vote, you have not read carefully. Hopefully Dao will decide this issue carefully and fairly with the sole goal of filtering bots.

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I always use a translator, he translates everything for me / I do not speak English well / Unfortunately the translator made this mistake.

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As someone who needs translation, I abstained from voting according to the meaning of the translation, because I didn’t understand the content after reading it several times. What I think is that if you don’t vote yes or no, I chose to abstain and I participated seriously. , if it is based on this, it is not reasonable. I think if you want to filter robots, you can set the proposal to vote yes or no, or abstain button. This is a reasonable filter.

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I support filtering robots, but I hope there can be a reasonable way to avoid misoperation without understanding the meaning of the text, from the perspective of this filtering method. As of now, there have been more than 200 votes, and it cannot be said that they are all robots. The remaining ones who have not voted must not be robots. Because they actively participate in voting, they are also active people in building the community and pay more attention to community development.


This is the best method to find genuine people for DAO. The peoples who voted are the ones who are only here for airdrop and want just profit from it. They are not here for DAO or taking Dex guru to next level. Keep it up DEX GURU

I don’t know why I was removed from Discord, but I’m a real person. I messed up a little, sorry. I want back. Well, I voted without understanding what was originally written there (not my native language). Came after work and didn’t get the point. So I voted abstain. what to do? delete me now?

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