Is DAO the future or?

Hey, digital pals, since we do talk about benefits of DAO here would like to hear the opinions of more experienced enthusiasts if this form of community can be as inspiring in years as it gets us excited now? This is my first experience of participation and I would like you to share your thoughts on what is the future of DAO projects


why dont you start off and tell us what you feel about the DAO and whether it is really better than traditional systems?

Start the ball rolling! :slight_smile:


@whatthefish hi! :fish:
I am very excited to experience being a part of a DAO project, based on the info that we discuss here all day long! :slight_smile: as a first-time-participant i feel like a man exploring the moon and witnessing the FUTURE being a part of it :rocket:


Theoretically, the DAO is the best. But in reality, it is difficult to implement a fully decentralized DAO. Whales compete and dominate the operation of the DAO, and to prevent unexpected mishaps, they also create a separate group that has the authority to run the DAO without approving the proposal, which lowers the core values of the DAO-


It is fascinating to explore Decentralisation as a phenomenon to evaluate the impact now!

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That is a very interesting opinion to consider, thank you for sharing it with us.
For newbies like me this is a very solid point too

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The future in crypto will definitely belong to decentralized anonymous wallet with anonymous transactions
But at that time we need systems with decentralized management to deal with the world of centralized
And that means Dao in the future :wink:

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Can’t agree more! It’s breathtaking when you imagine how unlimited our opportunities can be in this whole new world :wink:

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