LBP parameters and GURU token allocation

In this proposal, LBP parameters and GURU token allocation have been determined since, LBP parameters are affected by GURU token allocation (especially airdrop amount); thus, it is a more proper method to demonstrate them in one proposal.

There are several proposals on the both topics, though they could not satisfy the community. I think it is a more proper method to investigate both topics together (LBP and token allocation), also sufficient reasons must be mentioned about chosen parameters.


• Token allocation
Allocation of forty percent of GURU tokens has been determined previously and now rest of them must be determined based on the prior discussion in Discord, Forum and the market condition.
Tokens will distribute in three groups:

1- DAO treasury
2- Sales on LBP
3- Airdrop for early community participants

The amount of sales on LBP related to initial DAO treasury needs, as well as it must have a higher share than airdrop, otherwise the GURU token price will fall sharply. Also, the token will launch at the beginning of a bull market, thus we can expect a positive trend for GURU price until end of the Bull market (or in the worst scenario a price near to initial price); therefore, it may be more helpful for DAO treasury if a lower amount sale happens in the beginning (at LBP).

Programs should be considered to encourage investors to invest in LBP and if their concerns about the initial sales pressure are resolved, they will definitely invest, thus some encouragements should define for DAO to keep their tokens.

eventually I recommend below token allocation:

• 6% as an airdrop to eligible DAO members
• 2% as an incentive for eligible DAO members who will not claim their airdrop for 180
days after TGE
• 7% for sales on LBP
• 45% as DAO Treasury

Also, there is a penalty equal to 10% for those who claim airdrop at first 4 days; in order to encourage investors to buy LBP.

LBP parameters
Based on previous discussion, there is not any doubt about Duration, starting and ending weights, though other parameters should determine reasonably.
Also, based previous discussion can say that a fully diluted market cap equal to 50+ million dollars is a reasonable amount, therefore 0.6$ per GURU is a proper price for ending LBP. For last parameters, I checked the recent LBPs on Cooper platform and I can say ((10 * ending)) price is a proper amount for starting price.

• Duration: 72 hours
• Starting Price: 6 $
• Ending price: 0.6 $
• Blockchain: Ethereum
• Initial pooled: 7,000,000 GURU and worth 2,200,000$ WETH
• Starting weights: GURU 95%: WETH 5%
• Ending weights: GURU 50%: WETH 50%

Individuals who are satisfied by the mentioned reasons.

Individuals who are not satisfied by the mentioned reasons.


I guess more realistic tokenomics for this 60% is 5-10% early adopters / 15-25% lbp / 25-40 % treasure
by the way, thanks for details :handshake:


In my opinion, AirDrop for eligible DAO members can increase by between 2 and 4%
For example, 35% as a treasury,
13% for sale on LBP,
2% as an incentive for eligible DAO members who will not claim their AirDrop,
And 10% as AirDrop for eligible DAO members.

However, I believe that more importance should be given to the DAO members, because they are the main foundations of this project. :pray: