Methods for identifying and removing airdrop hunters

Thanks for the effort of rotate.eth to expose the farmers
This proposal tries to clarify the ambiguities in the last proposal by presenting a specific series of filters and also report to the Dao.

Airdrop hunters are always one of the dangers that threaten a Dao
By possessing a large percentage of the tokens for free, they will eventually cause the Dao to fail or the token price to fail
Therefore, we must do our best to identify these cases and eliminate them to protect the Dao of Dex Guru
Because Dex Guru supports low-cost chian, it is possible for people to have large amount wallet and put the Dao at risk.
In this proposal, a way to identify airdrop hunters based on the experiences of other airdrops is provided.
The list of cases that if identified in wallet it is identified as Hunter

  1. Chain formation:
    If the wallet has used the pattern (transfer in - mint - transfer out) and the transfer destination is another wallet, it will be identified as hunter and removed .
  2. If the wallet has used the pattern(transfer in - mint - transfer out)and the transfer destination is same in several wallet, they are identified as hunters.
  3. If a wallet has used the pattern(transfer in - mint) and the origin of the transfer is same in several wallet , provided that the sender’s address is not one of the exchanges’ addresses, those volts will be considered hunter and will be deleted.
    4 .If wallet has no transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain and has received only NFT, provided that the number of transactions on the other networks is less than 50, identifie as hunter.
  4. If a wallet has purchased a large number of NFT markets and distributed them among other wallet , the wallet and all receivers will be identified as hunter.
  5. Hunter is detected if the number of wallet transactions is less than 30 on all chian(support by dexguru) and all dex
  6. If the total balance of one volt on all networks is less than $ 2 , that volt is recognized as a hunter

Snapshot history for the above propsal is The last mined block on the Ethereum in 25.april.2022

The coding required to identify the hunters based on this proposal will also be the responsibility of the dev sub-dao, and if they do not accept, a new sub-dao will be formed for this purpose.


  • Eliminate unfair airdrop farming operations that may control or damage the DAO.
  • All real users will get more tokens.
  • Avoid an embarrassing situation and reputational damage.


  • Extra work to investigate


We can do a temperature check on Discord.


Thank you. About number one, some people use a safe wallet and don’t connect to DEX and transfer to a public wallet for DEX or high-risk websites, so number one maybe eliminate real users. Numbers 2 and 3 are good. About number 4 it is not accurate because maybe airdrop hunters use it for other project airdrops. About number 5 we maybe eliminate new users because they didn’t have enough time for more transactions. Number 6 is ok. I think your proposal is good, but need more detail to prevent eliminating real users.


6 Disagree, the reason is that the funds in my wallet are often transferred to exchanges for trading, and there may be no 1U anymore. If you keep 6 , take multiple snapshots instead of one. In fact, it is not necessary to be so troublesome to identify hunters, as long as one condition is enough, first check all possible NFTs of a person, if there is more than one, focus on screening. If there is only 1, no other conditions need to be checked. Is the person who takes 1 also a hunter?

This specifications are not clear enough!
the method for eliminating the hunters or better we say farmers should be more clear and solid to avoid eliminating real users