New LBP parameters suggestion


In this proposal, LBP parameters has been *determined.


I wrote a proposal few months ago with title “LBP parameters and GURU token allocation” and community suggested to divide it in two proposals and this is the first part.

Based on previous discussion, there is not any doubt about Duration, starting and ending weights, though other parameters should determine reasonably.
Also, based previous discussion can say that a fully diluted market cap equal to 50+ million dollars is a reasonable amount, therefore 0.6$ per GURU is a proper price for ending LBP. For last parameters, I checked the recent LBPs on Cooper platform and I can say ((10 * ending)) price is a proper amount for starting price.

Amount of GURU token in the initial pool is the last LBP parameter which should determine and it is going to be determine in another proposal which is related to token allocation.

• Duration: 72 hours
• Starting Price: 6 $
• Ending price: 0.6 $
• Blockchain: Ethereum
• Initial pooled: ? GURU and worth ? WETH
• Starting weights: GURU 95%: WETH 5%
• Ending weights: GURU 50%: WETH 50%

Individuals who are satisfied by the mentioned reasons.
Individuals who are not satisfied by the mentioned reasons.


nice LBP suggestion and lets discusing this LBP parameters :+1:, and i hope this LBP can get approval from dao members. thanks


You did a great job, let’s make it explode. Hopefully we’ll see it on Snapshot soon. Thank you very much