Please list the various problems you have encountered on this platform

Please list the various problems you have encountered, and make it easier for administrators to deal with them. For the same problem, please just like and do not repeat.


It is said that many friends’ accounts have been frozen, please administrator tell how to unblock them? Many people are involved for the first time and make more or less mistakes. We need to give opportunities.


I have a friend whose account books were frozen all of a sudden, he asked me, I don’t know, is there a way to solve it now? Still frozen? The administrator can answer this?

now i saw the answer :Temporary hold is not ban, the team will not address this issues on personal basis。
hope it is useful to someone .


not sure it can help, but a lot of people get “hold” because they are to rush to comment when they first enter. So maybe this is some things they can do before commenting

  • Connect to discord account
  • Read the topics and posts carefully until you get “basic badge”
  • Do not copy paste (many people using translation (included me)). Try to typing manually
    Hope it can hepl

Yes, you’re right. A lot of people make the mistake of being too eager to try and too careless to observe and learn beforehand, which leads to mistakes. I think they are most concerned about whether they can restore the voting power. From my personal perspective, after all, it is the first time for them to start DAO governance and mistakes are inevitable. I hope the administrator can give them a chance. The lack of opportunity is a real blow to some people. Hope the administrator humanized treatment.