Possible airdrop criteria

I agree, but I feel 50 overall transactions of a wallet rule is too much, but half that amount is reasonable. other alternative is to give less token to wallets with less than 25 transactions.

I agree
but need to be more strict with airdop hunters
May need 60-70 transactions (ETH, polygon, BSC, Arbitrum …)
Many wallets only contain NFTs and votes but not real transactions

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I find this proposal very reasonable, must have transactions at least 50 times regardless of dapp. It will eliminate a lot of virtual wallets just participating in voting and receiving airdrops. you can add 1 requirement to trade at least 500-1000$ on dex.guru

Should remove the clause “Have a minimum of 50 transactions on overall chains (any chain/any dapp rather on Ethereum, bsc, polygon, or other chain)”

This is great. I think this way we will achieve a good and homogeneous community. I completely agree

Can you please formulate Cons section for your draft proposal based on community feedback in this thread?

That’s how the Formal proposal template looks like based on [PROPOSAL-001] Governance process

Proposal template


  • Short, clear description of the proposal

  • Should include [proposal] tag


  • Describe the proposal topic


  • What problem or opportunity are you looking to solve?

  • Describe why the proposal is valuable to the community


  • Description of proposed changes


  • Technical details as applicable


  • Reasons to vote for the proposal


  • Potential reasons to vote against the proposal


  • Temperature check voting, if it exists, and additional comments

You can edit your post and add some Cons community outlined here.


I love that the number of times I use Guru is not a limit for me, and even I will use Guru even more freaks out, thank you Guru is amazing.

I don’t agree to this proposal, this will make few persons to qualify and takeover the DAO… about 60k wallets were whitelisted to mint season pass nft. But only 12k minted, isn’t this enough way to cut hunter off? You still want to cut rea users off? This proposal is ridiculous…

I don’t support this. I believe the proposer is thinking about himself and few to become whales alone. This will lead to only few getting the token.
I support all Sea pass holders who voted at least 50%
With higher or more dropped to more active participants.

I agree with distribution base on voting activities, but more than 50 overall transactions is a little bit too much for holder’s accounts

no doubt future is promising Jai hind dex guru
Yes… Airdrop criteria is most important in any project however the main focus for eligibility should be season pass NFT holders, vote and active more than 51%

50 tx = swap 50 times with dexguru???
I do not think so

If 50tx in allchain (ETH, BSC, MATIC…) then it is necessary

This proposal is incomplete.
Until what date is the number of transactions counted?
Everything must be clear.

I completely disagree with the part: “Wallets with more than 50 transactions!”
I myself use multiple wallets for increasing my safety and privacy, so why should I use only one wallet for 50 transactions?!
On the other hand we have different kinds of traders, why does a swing trader have to have 50 transactions at least!? :thinking:
And also why do you think having 50 transactions is a sign of royalty?

I think that’s an awesome proposal that totally makes sense. but the folks aren’t happy with the ‘‘50 transactions’’ requirement, so I suggest to move this part into the ‘‘additional points’’ section and pass this proposal ASAP because it’s almost perfect and we will not come with anything better, imho.

I agree . But I think there has to be an opportunity for a real user to not be able to attend the event you are hosting for whatever reason.

Everything is perfect in this proposal, but transaction should not be 50. Instead it should be 10 to 15 transactions in the last 3 to 4 months on regular basis.

Limiting the number of transactions does not seem to have much effect. For some it is too little, for others it is too much.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to be too concerned about the number. I think it’s better to put the people who are participating in proposals involving DexGuru first.

If it is 50 transactions on dexguru swaps then it is very bad idea otherwise i agree with 50 transactions overcall on any chains and any protocols

using transaction filters will eliminate the final goal which is preDao. the 50 transactions limit will help airdrop hunters who use multiple transactions for getting max tokens. I don’t think that’s a good idea for filtering.

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