[PROPOSAL-005] DAO Goals


The proposal defines the high-level goals of GuruDAO and represents the first attempt to organize community efforts.


We believe that the north star guiding GuruDAO is the path to joint profit. DexGuru is not a charity organization. As decided by the community, “our mission is to create a participatory, community-driven economy powered by the $GURU token that enables the support, development, engineering, and adoption of the DexGuru and related products.”. The difficulty that we face is how to shape goals so that everyone in the community can become a meaningful contributor.

The idea is to propose goals that can be fulfilled by groups of highly self-organized people(sub-DAOs) and the broader community.


Three entities guide the DAO in organizing work:

  • Vision
    • A vision statement describes the organization’s purpose and what it wants to achieve.
  • Strategic Goals
    • The strategic goals are the greater focus of the organization. It could be a financial focus, social plans, etc.
  • Objectives
    • Objectives specify that the strategic goals are measurable, realistic, achievable, and assigned to specific responsible persons.


Under the ratified GuruDAO Manifesto, "Our vision at GuruDAO is to build robust web3 products that people are excited to use. We want the community to drive development and be responsible for the progress of the products built by GuruDAO. "

Strategic Goals

Following our vision, we can specify three strategic goals that unite the whole community from a mid-/long-term perspective:

  • DAO Building
    • GuruDAO is still in the very early stage of its development, and so is the whole DAO landscape. GuruDAO should prepare its unique formula/frameworks and processes to accomplish its goals. It’s a never-ending process to build/change and become more efficient every day. Since this is a road untravelled, the ideal condition is not a point but a direction.
  • Product Development
    • In a fast-changing DeFi world, it’s crucial to build constantly. Whether this is to develop a product, launch new ones or adopt new features and protocols. GuruDAO must be a cutting-edge service provider. The community needs to play a vital role in market research and R&D prioritization to ensure that products are developing in the right direction.
  • DAO Revenue Growth
    • Whether DexGuru revenue is split between GuruDAO stakeholders or added to the treasury, one of the top priorities is to secure income. GuruDAO will also specify income distribution and work to increase overall profit.


Strategic goals are analyzed and broken down into specific objectives. Turning a more extensive plan into smaller objectives makes the task seem smaller and more attainable. To kickstart this process, outlined below is a list of objectives tied to each goal. The community is responsible for turning them into specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-related (SMART) actions. If the DAO disagrees with the objectives, they may propose different objectives and execute them.

  • DAO Building
    • DAO Organizational structure
    • Contribution process
    • Community incentivization
    • Education / GuruVersity
  • Products Development
    • Product development (Dev Sub DAO responsibility)
    • Grants for launching new products
  • Revenue growth
    • $GURU tokenonomics
    • Business Development
    • Marketing

The idea is to propose the potential directions within each goal, including project-based activities, more suitable for sub-DAOs or dedicated contributors, as well as more scalable activities like GuruVersity and Marketing.


  • N/A


  • The proposal suggests the direction of DAO development and further growth, leaving the community the ability to shape them and specify them in more detail.
  • The proposal helps set a framework for progress.


  • The proposal leaves SMART descriptions of the objectives to further community discussion.



  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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This suggestion would make it easier to set goals and take GuruDAO to a better place without taking the wrong road!


Set goals in continuous stages, you can subdivide different goals, allocate work, and carry out efficiently.


I voted YES. But why the “Specifications” part was not available. No need or it will be updated later?


everything they are preparing for the community is very great, I’m happy to belong to all this, thanks!!


We also know that a platform with a strong dao can grow tremendously, which is why we are always a supporter of dex guru. :heart_eyes:


Smart model will be favorable when there is cash flow. I vote yes and always vote yes. Thank you very much.


Every thing going well and with good speed, Great community and dao. we are strong toghether. i am happy to belong this dao.


Setting goals is the most important part. It seems that the right way in this field is to clarify the goals and move towards the right and desirable goals.


The team is working hard proud to be part of it
it will be a succesfull one and also the launch will not dissapoint the early users WAGMi


I voted yes. I agree with the proposal. The suggestion is perfect and I like it. Thank you DexGuru :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I like the fact that the Vision is head of anything else. The most important part in any project, specially in cryptosphere, is having a solid vision which guides the project in it’s own way.


Set goals in continuous stages.everything they are preparing for the community is very great.Smart model will be favorable when there is cash flow


The vision, strategic goals and objectives are crystal clear, with these goals, the sky :sparkles: is our limit :muscle::muscle::muscle:


The beautiful pyramidal structure and the appropriate role of important and ordinary members and in my opinion the plan is an excellent and purposeful decision.


Vision is everything.
“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”
Im glad we , the DAO, share the same vision . and want to make our products become better .
We need to support each other as fellow GURUDAO and Stay focused at all times.
DAO Strong :muscle:


thvision, strategic goals and objectives are crystal clear, with these goals, the sky :sparkles: is our limit :muscle:


the preparing for a fantastic DAO is very good and special , i hope a lot on this project and love it.


its really great to see that dexguru work hard on clarification every step they are going forward in this dao


Good luck guys i hope you become happy for our paiticipates and our votes and i know you will make us happy soon​:innocent::smiling_face_with_tear: