[PROPOSAL-006] Eligibility for an airdrop

it’s a good recommendation for the Dexguru community, I totally agree with this proposal and I hope fair for all of the community

Nice proposal from DexGuru team.
If we more active we can get more reward.
More than 75% voting persons can get 1.5x reward strategy is really acceptable

I totally agreed with DexGuru proposal.
50% activity in Voting is very easy. If we are more active in voting we can get 1.5x reward than others. Very good proposal from the team.

I totally agreed with DexGuru proposal.
50% activity in Voting is very easy. If we are more active in voting we can get 1.5x reward than others. Very good proposal from the team. It’s Great. I love this

I agree
but need to be more strict with airdop hunters
May need 60-70 transactions (ETH, polygon, BSC, Arbitrum …)
Many wallets only contain NFTs and votes but not real transactions

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@Thatguy Can you please formulate Cons section for your draft proposal based on community feedback in this thread?

That’s how the Formal proposal template looks like based on [PROPOSAL-001] Governance process

Proposal template


  • Short, clear description of the proposal

  • Should include [proposal] tag


  • Describe the proposal topic


  • What problem or opportunity are you looking to solve?

  • Describe why the proposal is valuable to the community


  • Description of proposed changes


  • Technical details as applicable


  • Reasons to vote for the proposal


  • Potential reasons to vote against the proposal


  • Temperature check voting, if it exists, and additional comments

You can edit your post and add some Cons community outlined here.


in my humble opinion, this option is the most optimal. it will allow you to cut off inactive users, and reward active ones as the work is done


I agree with this proposal and it makes a lot of sense. Let’s go dao members and make guru stand out en masse

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mate the airdrop for nft holderes those who minted the nft will br more better why because honestly to say
airdrop shud not be given for those who just used dex

i totally agree with this airdrop distribution scheme ,I think this is fair enough I hope it satisfy everybody and hope we have more participants in this proposal.

I totally agree with this AirDrop distribution method
i hope see this proposal on snapshot soon
Very excellent and comprehensive

and what is for the early user. I agree that active member is important for any DAO but do not forget that early users or early contributors also take main role in development of any project. So you should also take care about those who tipped in early phases & used platform multiple time (min. 5-10 swaps)
If you agree then give this comment a “heart”.


I agree. it’s so good. I hope this benefits the real GuruDAO community
And make the project achieve its goals :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think it is a good suggestion to consider the amount of airdrops based on polling activity. I think this is the most balanced way.

i totally agree with this @Onita . there should be fair distribution. also include earrly phase user for fair airdrop ditri.

I vote this one because this one seems reasonable for me . hope this works and the airdrop work great for dex

Determine the share of airdrops based on the degree of participation in governance,I think this is the most fair way to Airdrop. Agree with it!

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you are right man. i used dex guru whole time but missed the minting then am i not a active user? c’mon guys make it simple and do the fairness among all users who has tipped before snapshot :pensive:

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Thank you for mentioning this Nick, Done the editing and added what was need, if anything else needs to be added, please let me know. Thank you

i totally disagree because it has some more cons.
Do you have any idea that what will be happen after airdrop distribution?
condition will be like paraswap or worst than paraswap?

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