[PROPOSAL-007] Investigate airdrop farming and exclude large sybil attackers


  • I have made the summary as simple and clear as possible.
  • Clarified one line in the specification (thanks to keanu’s comment): If the farmers try to sell their NFTs, innocent buyers will be included in the airdrop, even though they didn’t vote in Snapshot before buying the NFT. The investigators will check that the buyers are not more farmers.


  • The DAO will engage the services of the Dex Guru team to investigate large-scale airdrop farming of the Guru Season Pass NFT.
  • We will remove large farmers who created 10+ addresses that minted Guru NFTs.
  • No one will be removed just for having low transactions on Ethereum, sending ETH to a friend, buying a lot of NFTs, or for being a small “hunter”.
  • A list of large farmer addresses will be published and the community will have at least 3 days to check it.
  • Removing large-scale farmers is essential to create a truly decentralised DAO when the token launches.


If you missed the draft proposal, please read it here to see the evidence of airdrop farming:


The DAO formally requests the services of the Dex Guru team to perform an investigation of airdrop farming.


The investigation will follow these rules:

  • An “airdrop farmer” is defined as one entity that appears to control at least 10 addresses that minted a Guru Season Pass NFT. Examples of such farmers have been shared earlier; they use Multisend or chains of addresses which makes them easy to separate from real users.
  • The investigation will check activity on all blockchains that Dex Guru operates on. People that do not use Ethereum but have normal activity on another blockchain will be safe.
  • If an airdrop farmer has sold their NFTs, or sells them in the future, the team will investigate whether this is an attempt to hide their NFTs in new addresses, or genuine sales to innocent buyers. Innocent buyers will be included in the airdrop, even though they didn’t vote in Snapshot before buying the NFT.
  • A draft list of airdrop farmers will be published in Discord and the forum. The community will have at least 3 days to check it and make any objections. Genuine objections should be very rare due to the high standard of farmer identification (10+ linked addresses). The team will review objections and make corrections if needed. Then a final list will be published.
  • The airdrop farmers will be excluded from the airdrop and monitored until the GURU token launches in case they move their NFTs to new addresses.

If the investigators believe that there are other major farmers who do not meet the criteria above, they should share examples of these for the community to look at, but they will not be excluded from the airdrop unless the community decides so in a new proposal.
An example of this is users who have bought a lot of NFTs from OpenSea. Currently there has not been enough debate to decide on the best way to handle those accounts.


  • Some people suggested criteria like “30 transactions”, “minted 4 NFTs”, or even more complicated rules. I do not believe that approach will solve the problem. Firstly, we have not fully investigated the strategies that the farmers have used, so we may miss a lot of them. Second, it might catch some real users, which we have to avoid.
  • We will not repeat Paraswap’s mistake. I was excluded from Paraswap myself so I understand that people are worried they will be deleted. Paraswap performed simple filtering which removed thousands of real users and angered the community. That is not the right approach, and it is why we perform an actual investigation.
  • If you are a small “airdrop hunter”, came to Dex Guru hoping for an airdrop, or use a few wallets (cold, hot, mobile, etc) - do not worry. We want you in the DAO. We only want to remove large-scale farmers who have abused the airdrop and made it unfair for everyone else.
  • There is no funding from the DAO to perform this investigation. With a successful GURU token launch, the Dex Guru team will receive their allocation of 20% of total supply (already defined).


  • Create a truly decentralised DAO without a few individuals being able to control the votes, block progress, or crash the price.
  • If this proposal passes, the airdrop farmers will likely try to sell their NFTs on OpenSea. This is an opportunity to bring new people into the DAO to replace the farmers.
  • Keep all real users (and small-scale “airdrop hunters”) who are making great contributions to the DAO already.


  • The airdrop farmers will complain. This is unavoidable, but I believe they will lose focus quickly and move on to other farms once it is clear that they will not get a reward.


This is a formal proposal for Snapshot voting.


i think we a DAO should at least back this one and eliminate large scale hunters, please everyone, read this carefully, don’t just read half way through a sentence and jump into conclusion, if this fails you will have nothing other than large numbers of penny worth tokens and a failed DAO.
we need to set this right and act responsible.


The 10 wallet connection is fair IMHO. Some people may have 2-3 friends but having a 10 and more connections with one wallet is literally an airdrop hunter.


As only max of 4 snapshots voting are due , no new people would want to buy the NFT as we need atleast 50% voting in snapshot to eligible for airdrop


Eliminating the airdrop hunters should be one of the most important purpose of the team and I recommend to track wallets and eliminate hunters and the ones who are not active in voting in the Dao


Glad to see this updated proposal explains better the intent to Investigate airdop farming so that we can exclude them in the future.
Therefore, everyone, please, read the entire proposal (I strongly recommend to use Google translate for the people having difficulties understanding the text) and vote YES when the snapshot voting will go live! You won’t regret it!!!


First I was against it but after reading it I have to say I support it . Some people owning 100 s of wallets ? What ? If you maybe have 2-3 but used Dex Guru often okay no problem … like the proposer said … 10 is fine to max … but more then that ? WOW I am Snooked that some people have so many wallets .they would dump all their tokens


Do we have an approximate idea of what % of the voting power the potentially disqualified airdrop farmers hold? Is it > 50%? Pretty obvious what the issue is if so…


I think removing the airdrop hunters is a good idea. There are a lot of new users like me out there that want to work with platforms like dex.guru to get familiar with crypto, defi, DAO and many other amazing things. We should grow up together in this space.


Wow, there are hunters with 10s of wallets in our DAO? That’s scary not only for the token price but also for the DAO’s future. They will have the majority power and real users will have to obey them! I hope this proposals passes and bad actors get eliminated.

And as you said, small hunters are safe which is fine with me. We can’t have a 100% success rate. So small hunters with less than 10 wallets you should vote in favor of this proposal too :smile:


It was beautiful
I read to the end and realized that it is a very smart job
We need a real dao
That really support the team and the project


there is not a perfect airdrop plan in crypto but we should try to removing airdrop hunters such as the people with 10 wallets or maybe more.
As long as the filter exists, it is inevitable to exclude some real users.
The filtered real users can then provide real DAO and proof into Discord to retrieve their airdrop.
thank you


I agree with this proposal, but is it possible if they still get airdrops but only 1 account is involved in all their connections? In this case, we give a little appreciation for their efforts even if they commit fraud.


Yay ! I don’t see now how it could go in the wrong way.

About snapshot voting, can airdrop farmers vote against ?
I saw today the “option bots prefer” proposal but there is only 11 atm, is this the first step in this battle ? :grin:


Important proposal for DAO to make sure they read carefully and do the needful. 10+ wallet definitely qualifies as an airdrop hunter. So I am supporting it.


Eliminating only large scale airdrop farmer/hunter is such a good decision, but it wont be easy. I hope the DAO prevails.
I back this proposal.


I think this is a good solution for avoiding an overwhelming advantage in voting and DAO decisions :person_in_lotus_position:t4:


I also agree with this proposal
Even more than 5 accounts could be considered, but it was difficult to recognize due to financial connections between friends


I think that’s definitly necessary, and large scale farmers are harmful for the DAO not helpful. But we need to carefully think about the rules and how we define the farmers and do not get the real community out just as what was done by Paraswap.
See what the para did and what the market and community said. I’ll never use para and I didin’t after it’s airdrop event.


Now that this is a amended (better) version as compared to the previous idea, i would truely support this idea now to avoid airdrop hunters to protect the value of DAO.

we as a DAO should at least agree to this one and eliminate large scale hunters, if this project fails just because of the large numbers of airdrop hunters dumping at least 50% of the total supply and a failed DAO, its not worth it and affect oursleves.
we need to set this right and act responsibly, protect the project = protect ourselves and the communities.