[PROPOSAL-009] DAO Treasury Infrastructure


The proposal suggests a treasury management infrastructure approach and states the required solutions from the platform point of view.


Coming up with the proposal for treasury infrastructure we keep in mind the following ideas:

  • Be on-chain
  • Fully community government
  • Avoid gas fees for voting
  • Fraudulent transactions resistant

We believe that a treasury management infrastructure that is based on those principles will allow us to build a sustainable platform that the community trusts and is secure to resist any potential malicious actors.


The current proposal is going to introduce a treasury management infrastructure.

NOTE: From the process perspective, treasury management is a part of the general governance process and must follow its rules.

The treasury infrastructure consists of the three layers that allow automatically and securely translate off-chain voting into on-chain execution:

  • Snapshot
    • Snapshot is one of the most popular and convenient platforms for voting. It has been proved its status and become de facto a standard in DAO governance
  • Gnosis Safe
    • The trusted platform to manage crypto assets with over $100B worth of digital assets stored. Gnosis Safe is a smart contract wallet running on Ethereum that requires a minimum number of people to approve a transaction before it can occur (M-of-N).
  • SafeSnap
    • SafeSnap is a Gnosis Safe module that allows on-chain execution of Snapshot off-chain votes. Some of the leading projects using the SafeSnap module are Yearn, SushiSwap, Synthetix, Balancer, mStable, and many others. For a further breakdown of SafeSnap, check out the documentation from Gnosis.

The detailed process of the treasury management is presented below:


GuruDAO treasury is 100% on-chain and community governed. Using the SafeSnap module from Gnosis, off-chain votes can be handled and processed for on-chain execution. For vote collection and verification, Snapshot is used by the DAO while the funds are stored in a Gnosis safe. As a safeguard, multi-sig is set up so that the owners are able to veto malicious actions and have power in the case of an emergency.

SafeSnap safeguards are Gnosis Safe multisig owners that have a responsibility to review transactions and veto power to stop malicious ones in case of emergency. They do not have the power to execute any transaction on their own. The whole treasury management process is strictly tied with the general governance process.

The list of safeguards will be ratified additionally in a separate proposal.


  • The platform deployment will occur when all the required smart contract details will be defined by GuruDAO.


  • The proposal suggests a lean and transparent process of treasury management where all key feature is taken into consideration.


  • The proposal doesn’t specify future safeguards/multisig owners, it should be considered in a separate proposal.



  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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I am with this proposal, its seems fair enough, dao is doing a great job, appreciate the efforts of the team.


It looks pretty safe. You guys did a great job. The community will understand what you’re doing. I hope the product is getting better and better.


It looks quite safe in my opinion. Amazing progress so far. It might help to prevent fraudulent transactions


it seems that this proposal is quite good and safe, then let’s determine who will be the multisig owner :heart_eyes:


that is a nice idea because we believe that a treasury management infrastructure that is based on those principles will allow us to push dao to grows and more stability.


There is no choosing of multisig owner. The proposal is trying to out lay utilities for voting and treasury in near future.


A pretty safe and secured proposal, well done team and i believe this will invite large amount of investor, creating a valuable exclusive Dao

That is correct. The openness is key to transparent treasury management. It will give the project a smooth easy ride.


Yes, I like the fact that it is safe and very transparent. This gives a kind of security to the users and a sense of belonging to the project.


The proposal looks good. Treasury infrastructure is one of the most important topics in a DAO so it gives me good vibes to see this proposal being accepted by the community.

The treasury infrastructure proposal looks good. Safesnap will greatly help with the governance of this DAO. Good times ahead for GuruDAO

so do you wanna change voting system? if we vote on new system should we pay fee?
or this is old version?

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Great suggestion, absolutely agree it will help the DAO and the whole project! I’m writing to increase the activity of the discussion, because everyone is too focused on the drop.

This proposal will shape the project in the right direction. The transparency and the safety of project coupled with voting with no gas will push the project to greater height.


Proposals like these are very far more important than talking about airdrop. The transparency which this proposal contains is top notch


The voting platform snapshot has already been incorporated into the DAO, except the other two. So this is a welcome proposal.

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Financial security and transparency are extremely important. No gas fee is a clever idea. I hope more partners will participate together


The transparency of the chain and the security of multi-signature are very important financial points, and they are serious and responsible.

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Looks great, It can make DexGuru the best. Totally safe, secured and help the community in a great way <3