[PROPOSAL-010] Exclusion from possible airdrop of those who don’t read the text of the proposal


The proposal suggests excluding from the list of recipients of a possible future Airdrop all addresses that took part in bot detection votes on the snapshot.

Initial post (Exclusion from possible airdrop of those who don’t read the text of the proposal - Temperature Checks - GuruDAO Governance Forum (dex. guru))


On 04/26/2022 and 05/05/2022 there were published proposals What option will bots prefer? (1, 2) that were aimed to detect bots in the governance process. The proposals collected 441 and 141 votes despite the description “If you are a human, please do not vote on this.”. We have a reasonable opinion that all these votes were cast by bots.


Exclude from the list of recipients of a possible future Airdrop ALL addresses that took part in the seventh and eleventh votes on the snapshot (What option will bots prefer?).

Those people who took part in this vote showed by their actions that they do not read the text for which they vote, or at least they are not familiar with the accepted governance process. Such people do more harm to the DAO than good. DAO doesn’t need members who just mindlessly push buttons.


  • The proposal suggests a straightforward process to identify and exclude bot accounts from the possible future airdrop.


  • The proposal may affect participants who voted by accident.



  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Voting should be done thoughtfully and carefully, and that there is no room for redress there, even if it is due to accident. Therefore, I agree with this opinion.


Only exclude address who voted on 2 bot proposal, and who voted accidentally in only 1 proposal , its eligible for future airdrop, its useful for dao,


if any one vote in seventh praposal accidentally and don’t vote eleventh praposal then we consider eligible for this airdrop.


That was a great idea, we should exclude the bots. Otherwise what this proposals were for? Long live the human!


Could it be that some of them don’t understand English or intentionally don’t read and just choose to know that they are eligible for $GURU, VOTE every proposal listed in the GuruDAO snapshot. But they don’t see what to do in building a GuruDAO government with the advantages of every vote they have


I agree with this proposal but I think those who voted wrong for one time should be excluded, it might be a mistake.


We should exclude the bots but I think those who voted wrong for one time should be excluded, it might be a mistake.


I dont know why dex guru founders and team think they are managing a high-school or military soldiers, you were posting the Bot detector proposal right after the other formal proposal and its really possible that users made a mistake and vote for this, especially when voting with mobile!
I was a true loyal DexGuru users who was tipping on all of his transactions from the day first and now you want to remove me from any probable airdrop for my mistake ,its not going to change my life but would do the way i think about you!
I asked kindly 2 times a question about this and you just banned me for 1 week?!dont kill me bro!!!
If you are going to remove the bots from the airdrop you should do the ones who participated on both of bot detecting snapshots not only one he may made mistaken or accidentally.


Plus we read all the snapshots right before signing in temperature check in discord and then here in the froum, so we read it 3 times before signing, but when you going to publish this bot detector right after the official proposal it would caused us to sign the wrong one,
Thats why the first one is signed by 400 people and the second one is signed by less peoples.


for vote in snapshot, you choose the option then click on vote and sign with the wallet I don’t think it’s right to say that I accidentally voted you just did not read the text, but think we should give them a second chance


Dear Dragon, this airdrop is not going to be a life changer for me!
But if its a real DAO and its should decide of what to go or not its not loyal to remove the users who attend in snapshot so far and tipped the project and was a very first users following this project .
When you read the text of proposals in #temperature-check discord channel you may just go to sign it via your mobile in snapshot!
You are not re-reading every thing you read just 3 minutes before sometimes.

I just modified the proposal to remove whose signing the both snapshots for bots and not only one of them mistaken or accidentally,
Please kindly read it.


I think if people are not capable of reading a single sentence they are not of any value to the DAO. A vote on a proposal is a serious thing and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I completely agree that we should exclude bots/idiots.

let this matter be decided by the DAO vote, it will look fair and whatever the end result all should be able to accept it.

iam agree with you guys,some body wants to vote or signs some thing ,first of all first step is to read what am i siging or voting then act, this act is healthy for dao and i agree with you guys do it

This angle looks valid. While bot votes can’t be ruled out completely, there could be non-English speakers that voted without trying to translate the page’s content first.

If it’s a real person and not a bot, trying to translate the page content first, is the best move as a good GuruDAO member.


Kind of a weird mistake, in my opinion, making it look as if they don’t read and just vote to receive the airdrop

hi to all guru dao
can you check dexguru nft holders with IP address for find airdrop farmers ?
this is a very useful for find farmers and hunters


I think anyone who does not pay attention to the text of the proposal is not qualified to be in the DAO!

If someone puts a death sentence in front of you, do you sign it without reading the text?

Voting was repeated twice!
I do not like to delete users because they may not have noticed a mistake for any reason
But the voting was repeated twice and voting for them a second time is unacceptable

I think these proposals are just a waste of time
just Read a text when it is placed in front of you!!!