[PROPOSAL DRAFT] Eligibility for an possibility airdrop

$GURU token will be launched in future to govern GuruDAO.The goal of the proposal is to define core criteria for a possible airdrop. In order to prevent spamming in govarnance channels in forum and discord, and as an appreciation to early contributors, an eligibility system for airdrop is designed regarding the values in the manifesto.


Airdrop is a token distribution method based on some criteria to decentralize the governance. launching an airdrop (if any) requires several criteria and processes so that it can be distributed fairly and on the other hand it is not difficult to achieve.

The distribution of rewards to members from contributions must be filtered so as to produce people who care about the project. Activeness is the key here. people must have requirements:

  • Participated on 51% pools on snapshot
    No matter how much proposal are made, people should be vote minimum 51%.

For fairness distribution reward, this some process to gain more points:

  • Had tipped to dex.guru before 1 February will get 0.5 points
    People who support from first place the dex.guru platform are deserved more points. The first fund are important for project because it can make them go this far.
  • Participated on 51% pools will get 1 points or Participated on 75% pools will get 1.5 points
    People who are very active in the pool must earn extra points to pay for their time and activity.
  • Whoever have NFT before 22 April get extra 0.5 points
    This date was chosen because on that date we made 3 temperature checks for the airdrop criteria. People who buy NFT after this date will still be eligible for the airdrop BUT have less points.

Criteria are made by evaluation of previous proposals. firstly, Ignore the 10 initial proposals that are only in the snapshot, because this will result in reduced member activity after 10 proposals. secondly, true members who support dex.guru early get more rewards. thirdly, minimum voting snapshot makes dao members have to be active to get the possibility of airdrop

We realize that it is very difficult to eliminate airdrop hunters. but with this point, we can make them have different rewards according to the effort they put out. Real active and firstly members of GuruDAO will receive a bit more of appreciation.


I think it’s the best Idea
We can put it in temperature check too
It’s show you think a lot about it.thanks


this proposal are evaluate other proposal right? why you not include the minimum transaction? i know that proposal not passed the temperature check, but i guess include the minimum transaction with lower recruitment (lets say 20) still have a great filter for hunter

It’s good
All hunter do this,they spread some native token to a lot of wallets,then doing transaction by them to eligible for airdrops.they don’t use them a lot
But we can assume they do this by a lot of platform’s like matcha zerion, zapper and so…
So they have enough transaction

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but we need have a great reason why we pick 20 50 100 or anything. i cant have a properly reason why we should pick the number.

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It looks much better than previous proposals because deadlines are fare for entire community and early supporters. Moreover the weigh system suggested is good as well :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :heart: :heart:

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