[Proposal Draft] $guru airdrop structure



Proposal for $guru airdrop structure

Brief description

This proposal sets out some simple requirements for receiving an airdrop of the $guru token once and if it is launched.


Token airdrop shall be a percentage of total supply decided by the DAO at a later time.

There will be no tiers; any wallet eligible for airdrop will receive the same amount. Each wallet will receive the amount proportional to the number of eligible wallets, except for MVP, which will receive 3x airdrop.

Eligibility for airdrop:

Any wallet that fulfills all of the following conditions will receive airdrop:

  • conducted transactions (one or more) on dexguru before february 2022 with a tip
  • holding a dexguru season pass nft at the time of airdrop snapshot (which will be a few weeks before airdrop and launch)

MVP airdrop bonus

Wallets that additionally meet the following conditions shall receive 3x airdrop as compared to wallets that do not:

  • any wallet that has participated in the governance process and voted on snapshot, shall be considered MVP tier and be awarded the bonus



The effect of this proposal would be that all early users of dexguru are eligible for airdrop, as long as they acquire a season pass nft, or have already minted one. The season pass nft can be readily acquired on opensea.

The effect of this proposal is that we will add value to current nft holders, and also add potential value for all early users of the swap.


as far as I can see, none