( proposal ) Eligibility for airdrop

We have seen many successful projects in past like uniswap, 1inch, dydx who had given airdrop to community which did great for project and also got support from community and we want Guru stay ahead one step from all other project.

So as snapshot taken in February
So eligibility criteria should be
( 1 ) user must complete atleast 10 transactions on dex before snapshot
( 2 ) user who completed atleast $1000 worth of trade before snapshot
( 3 ) user who tipped on dex atleast 5 times on dex before snapshot
( 4 ) user who minted through NFT pass
( 5 ) user who voted atleast 51% get extra edge

20% of token airdrop for every eligibility criteria
In this way no one left behind and also get support from community to dex if they really used platform and it’s great for both community and also for dex.

*No one left behind and all user will get fair chance if they did something for dex.

  • Yes
  • No

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you should set poll “voting option” for your proposal…in this way we can collect vote and get attention of community


we mentioned multiple times, we don’t have this data for trades executed on DexGuru


Let’s destroy everything that we originally created. We will give tokens to everyone who made the exchange. Despite the fact that many transactions were made by bots. And we will give the owners of NFT only 20% of the drop, while everything was tied to NFT. In your vision, only bots will win. I think it is necessary to vote “no”.


So my opinion team shouldn’t give priorities to only NFT pass holders. Afterall everyone supported dex so why they left behind. In this case team should think about the list they choosed for NFT season pass who tipped dex in past and if team want to strict some rules then select my 3rd point which is people who tipped dex more then 5 time so with that airdrop hunters and bot will be left out and real users get some rewards in return and also give continue support to dex.