Should our forum activities count?

Dear digital pals, I wonder if our forum activities would give any benifits ? I do like all these quests with earning badges and I like the community of loyal fans that we have here but I don’t see any conversation regarding that in the proposals, which is strange!

My ideas are that those owners of significant number of Badges and starting from Member status could be granted with extra tokens or some NFTs with future benefits, what do you think about that? :slightly_smiling_face:


It should not, since it is trustrequired, permissioned data. We can rely only on on-chain or trustless data (eg snapshot votes).


@Nick Thank you for the fast reply! But what is then the idea of this whole big badge-system? Just for fun?:slightly_smiling_face: fun is cool, but actual rewards are always more interesting :smiley::lollipop:

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It’s just part of Discourse itself, not something we developed specially.


So the voting times on snapshot is the only measure to judge if a person is active on the dao? I think we should concern about forum and discord activity cause voting on snapshot is so easy for airdrop hunters, they can use script to vote with 100 or 1000 accounts just in seconds. But it will spend time to use forum or discord, i hope you can consider my advice nick.