Sybil Resistance; How can we stop Sybil attackers?

As we all know, all DeFi projects are in danger of Sybil attackers and airdrop hunters.
This issue can be more hazardous when they get so many tokens cause manipulating on DAO voting!
Now, in your opinion, what can we “as GURU community” do to stop this matter?
Share your ideas here


a team share of token never allow sybil attak happen dont worry
for instance team have 80% percent and never sybil happening


First of all, your question is untenable. The rights are scattered in the hands of the holder. Take the current NFT for example. NFT has been circulating in the market. If you want to control the situation, you need to buy a lot of NFT, but dare you buy it? Unless you are very optimistic about the development future of guru and ensure that NFT has a certain value in the future, you will have the courage to buy a lot. Therefore, most people only buy 1-2 NFTs to participate in governance, so there is no pressure.