Updated evidence of airdrop farming

This is not a proposal, this is just information. If you have not seen the proposal to remove airdrop farmers, please read it here:

Thanks to everyone in the community that have identified airdrop farmers and shared them in the Discord or with me privately.
Here I am sharing my current list of farmers that I consider to be very obvious farming operations with 10+ addresses controlled by a single person.

A full investigation will be done if the proposal linked above passes Snapshot. However, this is just my own investigation. I wanted to do this so I can check what the Snapshot results would be without votes from the airdrop farmers.


Here are the main farming accounts I am aware of so far. If you want to verify what I say, you will need to click through their transactions to “follow the money”. Not all of them are obvious just from one link, but once you investigate a bit, it is very clear.

Farmer #1 created 6 “chains” of addresses (totalling more than 50 addresses, I stopped counting after that…) each address minted an NFT.

Farmer #2 created 200 addresses with Multisend (all minted an NFT)

Farmer #3 created 10 addresses (all minted an NFT)

Farmer #4 created 46 addresses (all minted an NFT)
Half of the farmed NFTs were then transferred in and out of this account (probably the same person).

Farmer #5 farmed 132 NFTs:
Some of them via this sub-account:

Farmer #6 created 48 addresses (all minted the NFT):
Then they were transferred to another address:
And sold on OpenSea:

Farmer #7 created 22 addresses from sub-account (all minted the NFT):
Then sent them to his main account and sold on OpenSea:

Farmer #8 farmed 24 NFTs:
After my proposal they transferred the NFTs to new separate addresses:

Farmer #9 created a long chains, at least 80 NFTs (I stopped counting…):

Farmer #10 created 10 addresses:

Farmer #11 created 10 separate chains (follow txs on 2022-03-31), who knows how many addresses in total…


  • I have manually confirmed at least 720 addresses that are part of large-scale airdrop farming operations (people with 10+ addresses).
  • There are also smaller farmers, and NFT buyers who have sybil attacked, but I have not listed them here.

Estimation of Total Farming

Farming chains are difficult to count manually.
How many chains of farmed addresses are there? And how long are the chains?

I created a Dune query to find addresses that currently hold a Guru NFT and have sent ETH to another address that also holds an NFT.
The result is 4,851 addresses.
Some of these are normal users with a couple of wallets, or people who sent ETH to a friend, but I also found a lot of new long chains I had not seen before.

But the number above only counts addresses that still own the NFT now. We know that some farmers have moved their NFTs to new addresses. Let’s do the same analysis with NFT minters instead of holders.
Then the answer is 5,487 addresses.

As I said, some of these will be real users. Let’s see what the same analysis looks like for a normal NFT project that is fairly distributed. I chose Bored Ape Yacht Club.
Keep in mind that BAYC has existed for much longer, so we could expect the number to be bigger than for Guru NFTs.
But, the answer is only 361 addresses (BAYC minters who transferred ETH to another BAYC minter).


  • The comparison with BAYC indicates that maybe 5,000 NFTs were farmed using chains of addresses. I don’t know how many of these are “small” hunters or “large” 10+ farmers.
  • On top of these 5000 addresses, there are other farmers who didn’t use chains (they used Multisend or manually sent ETH to lots of addresses). So the full number is at least 400 higher.
  • Some of the farmed NFTs have been sold, but the lifetime sales of the Guru NFT is only 1,247 so most of the farmers are still here.

Farmers On The Move

If you look through a few pages of recent Guru NFT transfers, you can spot a few farmers that have moved their NFTs to new addresses in the last few days. They are probably trying to hide because of the recent proposal to remove them.
In fact, by doing this they revealed themselves and I found a few new farmers.

Final Note

Some of the farmers I listed above started the operation from their main accounts. It is not hard to connect their ENS names and OpenSea names against their Twitter accounts and Discord account. I will not post any names, but of course I recognised some of them as critics of proposals to remove airdrop farmers.

Some farmers have also reached out to me and admitted what they have done (people with < 30 addresses, not the big ones). So I know who they are in Discord, and I see them writing arguments to not remove farmers. They asked me to keep their identities private, and I will because I am not here for a witch-hunt.

So just be aware that the farmers may be trying to manipulate the rest of the community to their advantage.


  • Thanks to ali kurutluogl for pointing out a bug in the Dune query. I forgot to exclude transfers to yourself, which happens if you cancel a transaction in MetaMask. I have updated the numbers in this post but the conclusion is the same.
  • Removed the Dune links because some people interpreted them as a “list of farmers”. It’s not.

Excellent and comprehensive review of all addresses
But one thing to keep in mind is to check wallet from a week before Mint, not from the day Walt was made

you are flagging 5-6 k addresses as suspicious (you called all of them farmers)
this is a good idea to eliminate addresses that used Multisend and have more than 10 addresses or more. but how you can find out which of these 6k addresses are not farmers and as you mentioned they are just friends or so on…??
when you do not mention the specific criteria and now you are calling all of these 6k as farmers how we can be sure that the investigation team would not do that?
no offense but it is just a question everyone might have!


Will only wallet that have been connected to more than ten volts be removed, or even two wallet ?
It is better to deal a little more gently with the volts that have been connected to the other two or three wallet


I was against it before because I thought this filter might delete real users.
But you provided acceptable evidence
I completely changed my mind
I agree with you as long as the real users are not deleted
Only those who are hunters should be removed


this is great work, we definitely have to action against these bad actors and later on we can investigate further if it’s needed.


for the love of god read the damn thing. 10 freaking+ wallet connection.
and also according to your wallet seems like you have something going on in there too.

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I agree with the removal of the farmers and I was very surprised by the addresses you gave and the great efforts of the farmers.
But respect for the time and effort you put into it, I must say that the lists you have given have normal users. For example, my wallet did not transactions with any personal wallets (even friends, etc.) except exchanges and nft markets.
I have 80 transactions on the ETH and I checked all of them.
So why am I on the list? Can I give my wallet address to confirm what I said?


Well this Dune quary list seems to include many normal users who have sent ETH to themselves due to pending transaction

I found my address on this list. Because of the transaction that sent to myself

There must be some people who have experienced stuck in ‘Pending’ due to the fluctuation gas fee on Ethereum mainnet. To cancel this pending transaction, you have to set the nonce and send a transaction to your own address.

So those people are included in this list. Becuase the sender (me) and the receiver (me) have a season pass


You have done a great job so far. Keep the original intention and continue, these people will eventually be eliminated by DAO.
But have to remind you, don’t try to steer the conversation back to the issue of 2 or 3 associated wallets, and think about how we failed the last temperature check. If you bring it up again, everything you do now may be rejected on Snapshot. So insisting on finding those big farmers is the right direction, finding evidence, not just suspicion.
If you suspect a man is a farmer and don’t have good evidence, let him go. Our intention is not to delete certain people. It’s all about fairness, so don’t add your subjective judgment and let the evidence explain everything.
Thank you for doing such a great job.


might be. I had previously sent ETH with the same nonce to my address to cancel the transaction. This should be checked, we agree with the elimination of the farmers, but not in such a way that the real people are eliminated as well

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It’s funny My wallet is also on this list as a farmer, this is not a principle at all, my wallet is not related to any other wallet except the exchange office!
If you want to eliminate farmers, this does not seem like a good way, of course, if your intention is really to eliminate farmers and not ordinary users!


I checked my wallet. To my surprise I sent ETH to myself to cancel the pending order on the wallet. And the act of sending and receiving ETH on the same address is considered a hunter. I am very sad about that. Hope there is any chance for me to be back.

you can find the specific criteria in original proposal bro. its just some information. you can find the link for original proposal at the start of this topic .

being in this list not meaning that you are a farmer. just read the original proposal and see the criteria .

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Hi, I said several times that some of the addresses in that list are real people. The full investigation will check them one by one to make sure. I only provided that query as a way to guess how many farmers there are, and compare it to an NFT that wasn’t farmed as much (BAYC).

In my opinion the 720 addresses in the first section of the post are farmers, and the other 5k are just to be checked. But I can’t check all 5,000 myself.


Hi, there is no full list of farmers yet. That will come from the investigation if the community votes for it soon.

The “list” you are referring to in my post is just a quick calculation to see how many farmers there might be. It counts everyone who minted an NFT and also sent ETH to someone else that minted an NFT. I say in the post that there are definitely real people in the list, so it needs to be checked one by one. I showed the same calculation with Bored Apre Yacht Club to prove that the calculation is not perfect.

I can’t check 5,000 addresses myself, but if you start looking through the list and opening each address on Etherscan you will see many farmers. I have been doing it for 4 days now.

Yes, you are right, and that is exactly what I tried to say in the formal proposal.

Other people have talked about removing smaller farmers. I have given my personal opinion on it, and I do believe it would fail in a vote. So I will not write such a proposal myself.

Hi, don’t worry, that Dune query is not a “list” of farmers, it is only a quick calculation to guess how many farmers might exist.

There was a bug that included people who sent ETH to themselves. I have fixed it now and updated the numbers.

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Hi, the Dune query is NOT a list of farmers. It was just to calculate a total number of possible farmers. Of course all the addresses have to be checked manually to be sure.

Anyone could be in that list by accident, but those people will be safe.

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