What happens when you airdrop via contributions? - Lots of Noise

There, ive said it.
Welcome echo chamber.

Irrelevant non-contextual replies and 100 characters everywhere.
Just like this one.

Sorry guys, thank you for your time.


I agree with this. Lots of noise. It is nice to see a lot of people seemingly caring for the community, but I wonder how many of those will remain after the airdrop. Definitely an interesting thing to watch. Something I wonder though is how many of these accounts are real accounts?

In any case, it’s hard to find a perfect equilibrium. I think it’s better to have more people than less when you start.


I guess the worst part of the noise is that it’s impossible to read all the comments of a proposal, let alone have interesting discussions about a proposal.


Exactly! You wont be able to filter out real comments, real ideas among the noise.
The 100 character limited kinda make it worst who, now we have long chunk of noise to read through to filter out that its actually nothing lol


idk, what else we could possibly do to avoid airdrop hunters spamming the governance forum.

This is not an airdrop , there are no financial incentives. You are minting valueless and useless NFTs that would be able to participate in Pre-DAO decision-making. After DAO is up and running there is no use for NFTs(unless DAO decides otherwise later).
In general, if you expecting a financial return you probably should not waste your time and money on minting.


Every founder (Dydx, Paraswap) all publicly announced that there wont be any airdrop for their exchange too and poofffff! Airdrop.


Yeah, I think unfortunately, most hunters will keep doing it just in the event there is an airdrop. Also, the FAQ clearly says there will be a token. It just stays elusive on the airdrop part.

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On the top of my head, the best scenarios to address this would be:

  1. Announce the airdrop with the core guidelines (and likely reduce the impact on chatter in Discourse / Discord) but place the airdrop date tentatively somewhere far
  2. Require active work coordination in Sub-DAOs to be eligible for an airdrop

These would be the only things that would possibly discourage mindless participation. But I suspect it would probably not be well received, unless it comes from a DAO proposal, which is possibly going to be downvoted.


I don’t agree with you in second scenario. If 13K people try to contribute on something, It will be similar to proposals :smiley: . We shouldn’t force people to contribute via writing on forum topics. I think we should define core criteria for potential airdrop eligibility like as follows:

-Number of votes at snapshot (obligatory)
-Number of warnings given by mods/team (obligatory - its a down vote)
-Number of contributions during bootstrap (optional)


Social points/social credits!
very interesting tho it will become power back to the mod/team to decide who gets the additional points or whose idea is good.
If it is gonna be decentralized then we gonna get alot of bots complimenting and voting each other up again and we fall back to square 1.

Interesting problem here…


I understand your concerns about decentralisation but a fully decentralized social mechanism is not designed yet. we still need some mod/governor to check authencity of the contents. Only think we can do is to constrain the power of mod/governor on decision making prosess.