When did you guys get into crypto?

Just want to get a sensing of how experience Dex Guru contributors are in cryptocurrency.

I got into crypto in 2017 and went through the whole crazy -90% wave, watching profits turned into dust :joy: :rofl:
A strong conviction in the space brought me back to life as I witnessed through the growth of Defi to layer 2 craze to NFT craze.

What about you? When did you guys get into crypto? :slight_smile:


2017: The age of ICO’s on Ethereum. It was hard to hold on after the bull market :smiley: Hope don’t see similar market conditions again.


2021, That was incredible because crypto became for me full time hobby, so much info and feeling like an Alice in Wonderland… :rabbit:


Haha YES! ICO boom was such an exciting time. Remember new revolutionary ideas coming out every week raising millions so easily! 90% scam tho and most were do convincing that its so difficult to filter out


Welcome to the rabbit hole buddy! Happy 1 year anniversary lol
Hopefully it will go from full time hobby to full time job! :rofl:


in 2020 i enter to crypto and 5 month later i get acquainted with lovely dex guru as first dex that i was work with :heart_eyes:


Was familiar with bitcoin since 2013 but didnt care enough! got into the market early 2018… good times it was!

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that sounds awesome! you got to know about one of the better dex early in the game. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And now you are a contributor to the ecosystem!

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Oh yes, that was the era when exchanges come and go! Remember coinexchange or Quadriga where founders all magically disappeared or died.

Gosh we’ve come such a long way as an industry. Sadly founders disappearing is still kinda the norm today, just that we got a proper term for it now - Rugged lol


Oh 2018 was a year of learning for me, bear market struck and I really took the time to understand bitcoin and everything that it represents. Spent a great deal of time reading books like ‘the bitcoin standard’ which I still recommend to this day as the first bitcoin book that everyone should read!

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i got into crypto from august 2020 i knew some javascript and linux then i start learning web 3 development & still learning. participated in 1 web3 hackathons too in gitcoin


I do wish that I took up programming when I was younger. Would be nice to understand fully all the mechanism that goes below the hood of everything in crypto.

It is a soft skill I lack :sneezing_face: